USB Drivers for Micromax Canvas 2 Plus A110Q

"MT65xx preloader" USB Drivers for Canvas 2 Plus A110q, Canvas 2 A110, Canvas HD A116 and other Canvas phones

Hey C2+ Users,

Here is Another useful update for you all.
Need USB drivers for A110Q which is required for flashing ROM through SP Flash Tools??

Here is the download link :

Note: Drivers are needed to install when the phone is in off condition.
This driver is for MT65xx preloader . Steps for installing are given below.

  1. Switch off your phone
  2. Open device manager
  3. Connect your phone in OFF state
  4. There will be a device named "mt65xx preloader" which will be there for some seconds.
  5. You need to be quick at this. As soon as it is displayed, right click and click update driver.
  6. Browse manually the files given above

  1. Download files from above link
  2. Hover pointer to Top Right corner of your screen, choose Settings from sidebar
  3. Click last option "Change PC Settings"
  4. Select "General"
  5. Scroll to end and find "Restart Now" under "Advanced Startup". PC Will be in troubleshoot mode now
  6. Once screen is back, select option "Troubleshoot"
  7. Select "Advanced Options"
  8. Select "Startup Settings"
  9. Select "Restart"
  10. Now important step. There will be several options to select from. You need to select  "Option 7". For this press "7" key from number pad.
  11. After your PC starts, follow above steps. 

Note: These are flasher drivers used for flashing the phone using SP-Flash Tools. These drivers cannot be used for rooting the phone. You need different drivers for that which can be found here: Rooting Drivers C2+

Done, now you can flash stock ROM.