MIUI 5 Custom ROM for Canvas 2 Plus A110Q


After much waiting and testing I am posting MIUI rom on C2+ blog. MIUI 5 was posted on XDA by our team before some time. I personally used it for many days to make sure all works well. I am glad to say that it is 95% bug-less and I am loving it.

Thanks to Team DarkDRoid and my friend Manish, xda member: m@nish123 

MIUI 5 V3.10.18 for A110Q Canvas 2 Plus

Extra Features : 
  • New Baseband
  • Faster And Smoother
  • Pre-Rooted
  • busybox
  • Performance Tweaks
  • Faster Streaming
  • Net Speed Tweaks
  • No Delay In Making Call
  • Battery Tweaks
  • Proximity Tweaks
  • More RAM Free
  • Signal Tweaks
  • Better Responsiveness & Speed
  • Ziplagined and Deodexed
  • AD Block host by default
  • Gps.config added

MIUI Rom : http://d-h.st/qv9

Apn Patch : http://d-h.st/lSQ
Network Patch : http://d-h.st/VXk

How To Flash :

( Take CMW Backup to Revert back to your old system if anything goes wrong )
  1. Download MIUI_V5.zip File
  2. Copy to root of your SD Card
  3. Go To CMW Recovery (pressing Vol Up + Vol Down + Power button for some time)
  4. Wipe Data/Factory Reset  (This will format your phone, make sure you backup all data before this step)
  5. Wipe Cache
  6. Goto Advance Menu >  Wipe Dalvik Cache
  7. Goto Mount And Storage and select FORMAT SYSTEM
  8. Go back and Select Install From sdcard
  9. Select MIUI_v5.zip And Select YES
  10. Again Select Install From sdcard and Select MIUI_apn_patch.zip And Select Yes
  11. Repeat the same for MIUI_Network_patch.zip And Select Yes
  12. Reboot


Follow below steps if you have V2 rom with mmx_16 stock rom. This will solve Deep sleepe bug which requires hard reboot once phone is locked.
Backup CWM and IMEI before this. 
  1. Download SP-Flash Tool : http://d-h.st/Q96
  2. Download this file : http://d-h.st/kAL
  3. Make sure you have this drivers: Flashing Drivers A110Q
  4. Extract above files to folder and open flash tool.
  5. Select scatter file and you will find that everything is ticked there.
  6. After all files are loaded, Untick all except uboot.bin (ik.bin)
  7. Click on Download and connect your phone in OFF state
  8. On finish you will see green circle. Disconnect and start the phone.
  9. If you still face deep sleep error, report here.

Congrats You have MIUI now....Report if you find bugs




Network Fixing Process:

** Use this only if you face any network issues like no 2G/3G network, ask in comments for more
  1. Copy modem.img from stock rom of v1 or v2 ( this file location will be in system>etc>firmware)
  2. Copy baseband file from stock rom of v1 or v2 ( this file location will be in system>etc>mddb)
  3. Then install root explorer or X-Plore App and grant it root permissions
  4. Do system as rw 
  5. Go to sytem>etc>firmware>copy and replace here modem.img of which u copy from stock and do fix permission rw- r-- r-- (644)
  6. Then, go to etc>mddb>copy and replace baseband file which u copy from stock rom and do fix permission  rw- r-- r-- (644)
  7. Then reboot 

Now your device will not face any bug related to network.

**NOTE: Those people not having stock rom then download network patch from above and extract it then do this process

Credits:  Team DarkDRoid
Sukaran Golani, Manish Singh, Rounak, Trideep, Ashish, Sarang, Amit, Chirag
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