Xperia-Fusion Custom Rom for Canvas 2 Plus A110q


Here is latest update for our beloved phone, Canvas 2 Plus. Our team posted Xperia based custom ROM on XDA before sometime. Now it is confirmed as stable and out of testing zone, so its being posted here. It is 90% bug free. Hope you also like it.

Thanks to Team DarkDRoid and my friend Manish, xda member: m@nish123 

Xperia-Fusion Rom is Based On Xperia C and Xperia Z

Xperia-Fusion Features:

As this ROM is having lots of stuff, System memory is not enough for installation. So we need to increase phone's System Memory. This can be done by changing partitions. So here is a guide on how to increase System storage. By doing this procedure internal storage will be decreased with 880MB and system storage will be increased with 880MB.

But before this you must backup your IMEI data. Install MobileUncle MTK Tools app and backup your IMEI to both SDCARDs. Another method is also given in below link but this is easy one.

Click Here to Increase your System Storage





  1. Download File from above link
  2. Put into External Sd Card
  3. Go To CWM Recovery by pressing Vol Up + Vol down + Power buttons for some time. (Make sure you have increased system storage as said above before proceeding) 
  4. Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset And Wipe Partition Cache
  5. From Advance Menu select Dalvik Catch Clear
  6. Go to Mount And Storage select FORMAT SYSTEM
  7. Go back and Select Install From Sdcard
  8. Select And Select YES. Done!


i) If Camera not working then follow this:

  1. Download Camera_fix patch and put in root of sdcard
  2. Boot into cwm recovery
  3. Select Install From sdcard
  4. Select And Select YES
  5. After successfully flashing, reboot. Done!

ii) If you are felling weird in type or feel due to density change then restore to default by following this:

  1. Install Root Explorer or X-Plore and give root permissions when asked.
  2. Open Root folder > System folder
  3. Open Build.prop in edit mode.
  4. Search for this line: ro.sf.lcd_density=215. Now change this value to 240 and save it. 
  5. Reboot. 
  6. If you don't like it then revert the process and place 215 value.
iii)  If you get Invalid IMEI/ No Network error then restore IMEI using MobileUncle Tools Backup that you created earlier as told in post. If you still have issues you need to use MTKDroidTools.  You may ask for help.

iv) For removing the Black soft keys from bottom and use your Hardware keys then follow this:
as mentioned  above open build.prop in edit mode and add this line to bottom end. Then save and reboot:
v) Enabling HW key lights will be updated soon

vi) If you change density to default or remove the softkeys from bottom then there will be a minor bug of dialer size mismatch. This will be solved soon.Till then you may use one of the best dialer apps like exDialer.

vii) Update Launchers to their latest versions.
viii) Tip: To open power menu in notification panel, there is no key for it. So use two finger pull down of notification panel to access quick settings. Will be fixed if possible. 

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Credits:  Team DarkDRoid
Sukaran, Manish, Rounak, Trideep, Ashish, Sarang, Amit, Chirag
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